Definition and Diagnosis

In 2006, a revised version of the Definition of, and Diagnostic Criteria for Dry Eye was published, based on deliberation by members of the Dry Eye Society.

Definition of dry eye (Dry Eye Society, 2006)
Dry eye is a chronic disease of tear fluid and the keratoconjunctival epithelium due to various causes,
accompanied by eye discomfort and visual dysfunction.

Patients definitively diagnosed with and suspected of dry eye

(1) Subjective symptoms×
(2) Tear abnormalities×
(3) Keratoconjunctival epithelial disorders×
Diagnosis of dry eyeDefinitively diagnosedSuspectedSuspectedSuspected*

*Basically, causes other than dry eye should be looked for in keratoconjunctival epithelial disorders without tear abnormalities.

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2019 Diagnostic Criteria for Dry Eye[Japanese]
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